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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Alabama: united states

Hunting and fishing trips in Alabama: United States: known for bountiful whitetail deer stalking and blue-ribbon largemouth bass fishing.

With one of the longest deer seasons across the country, it is not a surprise that Alabama has grown to become a premier destination for whitetail deer hunting. Alabama is beautiful for its smooth curving landscapes, luscious with vegetation and woodlands. Oak trees in shades of green, oranges and brown paint the towns and embrace the lakes. Forests and fields make for the perfect environment to stalk whitetail deer of which over 300,000 are harvested yearly. Extraordinary wild turkey of hefty weights and striking plumage are equally popular with long winded seasons. Feral hogs, doves, and waterfowl are a nice addition to the hunting trip, fulfilling that fast-paced and electric shoot that many hunters crave. Alabama is carpeted with greenery under the warm southern sun, lakes, and rivers ooze from within, decorating the state with endless fishing opportunities. Guntersville has long been a local favourite that continues to gain international recognition for its population of largemouth bass. Over 30% of this vast lake is covered with aquatic vegetation, ideal for the largemouth to prosper in. For those anglers looking for saltwater fishing, head to the shores where you'll be bagging anything from reputed amberjack, king mackerel or even blue marlin and tuna.

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