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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Arizona: united states

Hunting and fishing trips in Arizona: United States: known for exciting bow hunting for trophy Coues deer and lake fishing for smallmouth bass

Venturing out of the more popular elk and whitetail deer, Arizona is home to the pronghorn antelope and Coues deer. These are less common in North America but are exciting and fascinating to hunt. Adding to the diversity of wildlife in Arizona, the Coues deer is sought after by many trophy seekers. The Coues deer have smaller antlers which are in a separate category to its cousin the whitetail deer, but their character and traits make for a challenging hunt. With an average of 8 points, Coues deer are elusive and hard to track as they keep to themselves in remote locations. A hunter can expect an exhausting day with long hikes and treks, but Arizona’s wild west does not disappoint. The lack of trees and monumental canyons are perfect for long shots and even better for bowhunters. The pronghorn antelope are fast moving but incredibly fun to spot and stalk, with most big game hunts open to the rifle, bow, and muzzleloader. Although a desert, for the most part, Arizona still has special and great opportunities for anglers. Dogtown Lake is a view to behold circled with trees and flower beds, a perfect location for a day trip in search of wild trout, or head to Dead Horse Lake for some catfish in September. But Lake Powell takes the crown for it sublime emerald waters sunk between brick orange concave molds of rock, here the smallmouth bass are countless and in great sizes for a tasty end of day grill.

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