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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Idaho: united states

Hunting and fishing trips in Idaho: United States: known for massive elk bull stalking and renown dry fly fishing for rainbow trout

Over the mountain paradise, pines frame the valleys and home its unspoiled wildlife. Large herds of elk ranging from 20 to 30 are regular sights along the mountain frieze, roaming for miles. The leading bulls of these herds are 6 to 7 pointer strong, attracting hunters from across the country. Aided by packs of horses and mules over the asperous terrain, hunters reach the tops dusted with snow where the view extends over beyond the mountains to the horizon. Mule deer, bighorn sheep, and mountain goats share this sublime scenery of challenging nature proving for skill-packed and diverse hunting opportunities. Below, the rivers split in trails of mirrored blue, among them the Snake River that trails off in the east onto Henry's Fork and the Teton. Both excellent for dry fly fishing for huge rainbow trout in miles of the stream under the warming sun. The canyon sports islands and cottonwood forests to explore, and homes premium brown trout and record holding giant salmon flies in May. Under the watchful eye of soaring bald eagles, Silver Creek calls to the more experienced anglers. Angler's techniques are tested with the river’s tight runs and gin-clear water.

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