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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Montana: united states

Hunting and fishing trips in Montana: United States: known for glassing for mule deer and great black bears, rainbow trout fly-fishing

With vast landscapes riddled with mountains, it is not surprising that Montana honours itself on the exceptional quality of mountain mule deer and whitetail deer populations. Mule deer are naturally suspicious creatures and often incredibly hard to approach, Montana’s peaks and their interlacing canyons are the perfect vantage points. Elk bulls also tread where man doesn’t, making for horseback hunts the ideal option. These terrains are rough and ragged making for a challenging hunt, but entirely rewarding. Montana also hides a beautiful colour selection of black bears as unique trophies ranging from cinnamon to red. For anglers, choice is boundless with a diversity of spring creeks, lakes and blue ribbon rivers. Although not native to Montana, brown trout and rainbow trout dominate the waters hidden amidst the rocks and riffles along most of its rivers. Boulder River and Bighorn River are particularly outstanding with surreal mountain landscapes and some of the finest fly-fishing worldwide. Whether training dry fly-fishing or fishing on Washington’s high lakes, the trout are found plump and heavy.

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