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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips New mexico: united states

Hunting and fishing trips in New Mexico: United States: known for elk bull stalking in unbelievable locations, rainbow trout dry fly fishing and year-round fishing opportunities

New Mexico has some of the most surreal landscapes in the continent. Hues of red colour the mountains and peaks that tower in the desert, a contrasting shock to its emerald green valleys of vegetation. These striking colours and natural sculptures are home to large populations of elk split between private and public land. A key characteristic of New Mexico that definitely sweetens the deal for hunters is its flexibility and popularity within weapon choice. Large elk bulls and mule deer stalking can be carried out with bow, muzzleloader, and rifle. Each an experience in itself, the options certainly distinguish the hunt. The bow is exceptionally popular here, you can expect a stalk unlike any other where attention to detail is magnified and your one shot becomes the only shot. This sort of adrenaline makes the hunt exciting and blood-rushing. New Mexico has often been labeled as elk paradise with fantastic specimens often domination record books. Fly fishing holds its own, possible here from large rivers brimming with life to streams and creeks that mesmerize with water patterns split by rocks. The Chama River is currently esteemed as the leading and untapped source for trout. Laced over and under valleys and meadows, it is remote and so diverse there is never a moment where it is not prosperous. Brown and rainbow trout have record holding sizes here which can also be matched on the Brazos River on the West. Dry fly fishing and high alpine fishing are fantastic here in the wild setting of the desert and pinnacle cliffs. The San Juan River completes the package offering amazing tailwater trout fisheries that are world recognised. Averaging at 20,000 fish per mile, it's unmissable and best enjoyed by drift boat for an incredible 17 inch standard in rainbow trout.

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