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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Canada: british columbia

Hunting and fishing trips in Canada: British Columbia: known for outstanding trophy chinook salmon fishing and thrilling moose and grizzly bear stalking

British Columbia has nothing to hide in regards to its fantastic offering of fishing opportunities. Running from the Pacific coast waters all the way to lakes and streams, the state has any angler matched with over 20,000km of coastlines, more than 25,000 lakes and thousands of rivers and streams. British Columbia’s most prized possession is its chinook salmon, an amazing trophy fish reaching over 70lb in weight. This standard isn't lost there, as other species soar in weight class and fantastic specimens of their species are continuously caught. The white sturgeon competes closely with the beloved salmon where the massive fish can reach an outstanding 3m in length and over 1,200lb heavy. British Columbia is also reputed for its hunting, where hunters often find themselves wandering its remote woodlands among some of the largest mule deer and whitetail deer. After being dropped in by helicopter in the absolute wilderness where there is no man made construction as far as the eye can see, spotting for moose bull and grizzle bear from a 4X4 is an adventure that can't be missed. During the winter months, targeting big cats like the lynx and bobcat in its more thrilling form is definitely via snowcat.

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