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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Kansas: united states

Hunting and fishing trips in Kansas: United States: known for flocking pheasant and quail drives, record holding catfish fishing

Past the yellow brick road, Kansas is a land of wonder with over 300,000 acres of public land and over 1 million acres of private land which can be used by hunters. Equipped with beautifully diverse landscapes, Kansas is among the leading states of pheasant populations found in exceedingly high numbers along the Northern and Southern High Plains. This high volume is also met by its quail populations known as one of the best countrywide, mostly profited in the South Central Prairies. Bird hunts are certainly unmissable in this state with its Rio Grande Turkey among the most sought after destination to securely complete a Turkey Grand Slam with its 2 month season. Along the vast open pastures and down the meadows are rivers and lakes tucked away, ripe for the picking of anglers. With the likes of Milford Lake, it is almost impossible not to consider Kansas as a must destination for anglers seeking to find monstrous catches like the blue catfish found there or maybe even its smallmouth bass which also hold impressive sizes. Wilson Reserve offers something a little different, the enquisite quest for striper fishing. Not only is it supported with extraordinary walleye, it also holds some of the state’s best smallmouth bass.

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