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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Kentucky: united states

Hunting and fishing trips in Kentucky: United States: known for record sized elk and enormous largemouth bass fishing

Largely recognised across the country as the home to some of the largest herds east of the Mississippi River, there are over a million deer from which to harvest a grand trophy buck. Continuously ranking in the top five of the Boone and Crockett Club listings, Kentucky is a premier destination for any hunters looking for a fantastic elk. Kentucky also benefits from a wide and varied selection of smaller game such as quail, grouse and rabbits. Although quail can offering some exciting and high volume drive, Kentucky is also home to a fine selection of vivid and audacious wild turkey. The state is home to some massive largemouth bass, Deer Creek Lake especially makes it hard to miss with strong and vivacious 10-pound bass if you’re up for the catch. Kentucky River on the other hand acts more like a mystery box with species varying from largemouth to crappie, walleye to catfish and assorted panfish. For the highest success rate, consider visiting the Kentucky Lake for largemouth bass that swarm onto the shallows.

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