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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Maine: united states

Hunting and fishing trips in Maine: United States: known for landlocked salmon fishing and waterfowl drives

Maine offers many locations for great fishing, with over 6,000 lakes, ponds and of course the thousand of miles of Atlantic coastline! Here everything can be found, big and in high number from landlocked salmon or lake trout to striped bass. Maine offers traditional fishing as well as great fly fishing opportunities and locations. One of the best characteristics about Maine is that you will find it in every season, in every area of the state.
Maine is one of the most competitive states when it comes down to hunting opportunities. Wild game existing in abundance, whether it is birds, moose, deer, or bear. For the shotgun lovers, hunters will be happy to find one of the world-class sea duck shoots at the magnificent coastlines. Other waterfowls can be found in numbers around lakes and marshes. Restoration of wild turkey has also taken place with great success, both the North and East have large and respected populations now.

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