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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Minnesota: united states

Hunting and fishing trips in Minnesota: United States: known for great ruffed grouse hunting and largemouth bass fishing

Minnesota offers a great range of species for hunting, from the largest bears all the way to smaller game such as rabbits and mourning doves. Hunter keen on archery can stalk deer with a few days of prepared planning. For the shotgun experts there are crows, doves, and sharp-tailed grouse which require skill and technique, as well as turkey which needs more patience but a delicious reward. Minnesota being famous amongst other states for their ruffed grouse has drawn already many hunter here. Shooting high and far is offered during the Canada goose season. Minnesota offers a variety of different settings for some of the best freshwater fishing in the country. From big lakes to picturesque trout streams all the way to the world famous Mississippi River. In the different water locations large and smallmouth bass can be found, trout, panfish, northern pike, muskies and the mighty walleye are unmissable. Lake Louise offer more than 47 different species including the more popular shore fishing.

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