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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Mississippi: united states

Hunting and fishing trips in Mississippi: United States: known for amazing wild turkey destination and guaranteed great fishing for crappie

Ranked highly in the country for its quality and exceptional hunting and fishing, Mississippi has grown to become an incredibly sought after destination. There are over 1.6 million acres of beautifully diverse public land open for hunting. The Delta National Forest for example, is one of Mississippi's turkey and wildfowl haven as they come in flocks from the high trees and waddling across the crop grounds. With bottomland hardwood forests split by curving rivers, these forest wetlands are ideal for exhilarating drives and successful catches. It's lakes are brimming with life and abundant with bass and bream. Mississippi has also been labelled by Field & Stream as one of the top destinations for quality deer harvests across the country. Plentiful all throughout the state in remarkable sizes, white tailed deer offer fantastic stalks and drives. For anglers in particular, Grenada Lake has become an angling paradise reaping with surreal beauty and packed with crappie, bass and catfish. The biggest difficulty faced in Mississippi, is picking from the pool of opportunity.

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