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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Nebraska: united states

Hunting and fishing trips in Nebraska: United States: known for whitetail deer bowhunting and exemplary catfish

Nebraska reaps of open landscapes, reaching as far as the eye can see, a country designed to be admired from the outdoors. Across acres of wilderness, hunting deer by bow has become a mastery much admired and perfect. Nebraska is ideal for those avid bow hunters, boasting a rather long season from the beginning of September all through to December. Over the sketched hills of grassland, hunting deer is a challenge where the focus lies in keeping your presence as absent as possible in order to maximise the secrecy and planning of your shot. For hunters seeking something different, antelope are also bountiful and set with stretched seasons for rifle, muzzleloader and bow. Hidden in Nebraska’s hidden valleys are rivers of translucent purity and spills of crystallized lakes stocked with bass and bluegill. Lake Wanahoo is an excellent example of quality fishing with great numbers of northern pike, blue catfish, largemouth bass and walleye. Lake McConaughy is also fantastic for anglers searching for not only a fine catch, but a tasty one at that with heavy and large channel catfish appearing in high volume. Nebraska’s waters are plentiful with catfish, walleye and crappie providing a fantastically varied fishing experience.

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