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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Nevada: united states

Hunting and fishing trips in Nevada: United States: known for rock mountain bighorn sheep hunting, great fly-fishing for brown trout

Nevada is best associated with its lively Las Vegas strip, filled with music, life and nights unforgotten. Its wild attitude doesn’t stop there, stretching to its ruthless lands of endless desert. Surprisingly, the desert is elusive and does in fact hide a substantial amount of flourishing wildlife. Elk and deer alone can be found quite close to Las Vegas, hunters can travel directly to Spring Mountains where they can find fantastic specimens of bighorn sheep. The advantage of having such extended open space is that there is many public lands to hunt in. Whether this be stalking mountain lions, dangerous black bears, pronghorn antelope or mule deer, the spectrum of choice is irresistible. Contrary to popular belief, fishing in Nevada is of fantastic quality and an experience in itself. From Lake Mead to Colorado River, fishing can be done almost year-round with catches including bluegill, channel catfish and bull trout. Truckee River in Western Nevada hosts some of the largest brown and rainbow trout ideal for challenging fly-fishing, which is open day and night throughout the year. Wild Horse Reservoir has excellent fishing for yellow perch, channel catfish and brown trout.

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