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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Ohio: united states

Hunting and fishing trips in Ohio: United States: known for record holding whitetail deer hunting and monster walleye

Ohio has more than charming towns and humble countryside with farmlands and crop fields. It is also home to some of the best whitetail hunting in the country with amazing record holding trophy bucks having been recorded here. Ohio helps keep such a record by keeping its seasons extended, quite a considerable bag limit, and without a doubt fantastic hunting conditions. Coshocton County has particularly exceptional wildlife with rare spotted birds like the rough-legged hawks and short-eared owls, of which its whitetail deer and wild turkey are reaching a truly high volume.There is also great offer for ruffed grouse, pheasant, duck and geese among other smaller game. With other 42 ponds in the area, bluegill, channel catfish and bass are only some of the catches popular here. But without a doubt, Ohio has a worldwide premier destination for monstrous walleye in Lake Erie. This lake alone is rumoured to carry half of the United State’s walleye population. The state is also lucky enough to provide muskie at great sizes for anglers that wish to pursue it.

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