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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Oklahoma: united states

Hunting and fishing trips in Oklahoma: United States: known for adrenaline filled wild boar drives and premier quality blue catfish

Carpeted with raw landscapes of outstanding beauty, Oklahoma was historically a land very much reputed for its hunting tradition where locals and travellers would rejoice in hunting for whitetail and black bear. This tradition has been passed on where the respect to keep the wildlife in promising and flourishing conditions. The results are healthy, trophy sized bucks that stretch from corner to corner of the state. For hunters seeking elk, the sharp canyons of Wichita Mountains are speckled with roaming elks. Oklahoma is also unique in its offering of wild boar, providing both russian wild boar and razorback. These can come in massive sizes reaching over 300 pounds which is reflected on their trophies. Oklahoma boasts a fantastic collection of lakes where fish are almost expected to reach record sizes. Lake Texoma has a fine selection of striper but its biggest prize are its record breaking blue catfish and black bass. This kind of quality is also found in Lake Eufaula which currently holds the white bass state record, or maybe even Lake Broken Bow and Beaver’s Bend which not only is a reputed holiday destination, but it’s home to blue ribbon largemouth bass.

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