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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Pennsylvania: united states

Hunting and fishing trips in Pennsylvania: United States: known for exceptional bow and rifle whitetail hunting and record holding trout fishing

Known for its Appalachian mountains, Pennsylvania is home to deep hardwood forests and the Pennsylvania Dutch, a community that lives as if paused in the 18th century, tending to their land in a life of simplicity. The essence of this living is transparent in the state’s authentic land of wild forest. In October comes the hunting seasons back to back, with turkey, waterfowl and monstrous whitetail deer. November brings the long awaited bear and rifle deer season. Diversity of hunting technique is greatly accommodated in Pennsylvania, helping hunters across the country in harvesting fantastic specimens. Elks particularly can reach a spectacular 400 inches, but the wild boar hunts are the most dynamic and explosive with trophy boars reaching an impossible 500 lbs or even larger. It is no mistake that the brook trout is the state’s official fish, Pennsylvania boasts one of the most fantastic collections of streams, rivers and creeks bloating with wild trout. Oil Creek is a great destination for trout, where the teasing bodies of the fish can be seen slapping the waters from the surface. But by far, the best yearned for destination is Lake Erie, one of the five Great Lakes, it is one of the largest fisheries in the US. Stocked with yellow perch and walleye of impressive sizes, there are over 470,000 acres to explore.

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