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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Tennessee: united states

Hunting and fishing trips in Tennessee: United States: known for heavy wild boar drives and record holding fly-fishing for wild trout

Tennessee is hill after hill of carpeted green forests and lush valleys, a view of lasting nature overruled with wildlife. Such revered wilderness has been providing hunters across the country with varied game ranging from wild boar, to axis deer and rams. Deer have thrived amidst the greenery wit's population numbers reaching as high as 600,000. Quality stalks for great elk combined with adrenaline filled drives for wild boar create a fantastic hunting trip with trophy results ready to take home. Tennessee is also home to fishing galore as lakes, streams and rivers are yearning with life. Big lakes sporting massive walleyes and huge catfish, while the rivers pride themselves in hosting amazing conditions for fly-fishing. Clinch River in north central Tennessee leads the pack with excellent fly-fishing, enhanced by its water temperatures, brown and rainbow trout flock to the river in state record sizes. The is endless of prime fishing locations with a lush selection of 22,000 miles of streams and rivers where over 315 species of fish can be found. The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is an exquisite example of a fine fly-fishing with an awe inspiring backdrop with largemouth bass, brook, and rainbow trout amongst many more.

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