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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Utah: united states

Hunting and fishing trips in Utah: United States: known for regal trophy bull elk, record sized wild trout and limitless striped bass

Utah’s rich and colourful landscapes are truly something to behold. Warm tones of red-rock and steep canyons, snow tipped mountains and verdant forests cover the state. The terrain is perfectly diverse, ideal for hunting and angling.

With more than 65% of the land being public, Utah proudly hosts world recognised trophy bull elk and mule deer. Not only is the landscape majestic, but stalking for deer in such stunning environments is highly complimented by the fact that many of its mule deer and elk are among the largest record class every season. Hunting mountain lions is iconic for many hunters, these big cats prowl Utah’s wilderness and are certainly an adrenaline filled hunt accompanied by exhilarated hounds designated to help you locate these elusive big cats.

Utah’s peak mountains are lined with streams and lakes that ribbon down the mountain slopes and into the valley. It’s not surprising that Utah’s excellent abundance of wildlife is reflected on its fishing opportunities. Trout fishing is exceptional, especially on its lakes with trout reaching weights of over 40 pounds. Anglers can also expect a wealth of smallmouth, largemouth and white bass. The population of fish is almost absurd with striped bass coming in such high numbers, its limit has been removed. The delicious channel catfish is also a staple but anglers seeking a challenge may prefer targeting a relentless tiger muskie.

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