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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Vermont: united states

Hunting and fishing trips in Vermont: United States: known for challenging black bear stalking and heavy largemouth bass

Nestled away Northeast of the country, Vermont is a charming state of picturesque nature and beautiful soft landscapes with blankets of snow and fields of green in its warm summer months. To complete such an idyllic package, Vermont is home to many fantastic and curious species, but for hunters its abundance lies in the high population of deer and the remarkable black bear. The state brags fantastic statistics where more bucks are taken here per square mile than in any New England state. The black bear is especially revered here, with populations exceeding that of any other state in the country, these animals are a thrill to hunt. Stalking bears requires method and patience, but they are incomparably exciting. For black bears, visit the Green Mountains where they can be most commonly found.

Vermont is rich with fishing gems, Lake Champlain is widely recognised as a must for anglers. Off of Burton Island anglers can try their luck at a variety of fish including perch, largemouth bass and walleye amongst countless others. For smallmouth bass and rock bass, the rocky shore is the place to bet. Larger steelhead and landlock salmon can also be found in high numbers. With another 800 or more lakes and over 7,000 miles of streams and rivers, there are premier fishing destinations for any anglers interests.

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