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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Manitoba: canada

Hunting and fishing trips in Manitoba: Canada: known for stunning caribou stalking and top of the world channel catfish fishing

Sunflowers and wildflowers paint the fields all the way up North to the Arctic Tundra, a stage fit for greatness. Manitoba is a land of mystery and magic, where the beautiful herds of caribou reside in herds unlike any other worldwide. It’s an unimaginably beauty to glass from a peak and watch the sharp silhouettes of great caribou bulls against the dusted fog. Manitoba is unmatched and highly regarded as one of the best, if not the best hunting destinations of Canada. Hunting for black bear is also highly regarded in Manitoba as they reach impressive sizes which are hardly matched elsewhere. The state offers a variety of fishing opportunities of excellent quality which is met throughout Canada, starting with the Arctic char, this exotic fish can be found on the colder and fresher waters of the north. World class trout fishing is also abundant with opportunities in every direction as the Manitoba waters are endlessly rich with life. Yet Manitoba is most reputed for its monster channel catfish, recognised across the globe as one of the top tier destinations for channel catfish fishing.

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