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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips New brunswick: canada

Hunting and fishing trips in New Brunswick: Canada: known for amazing black bear hunting and world famous salmon fishing

Although often off the map, New Brunswick is the underdog of hunting. Home to excellent black bear hunting, the challenge lures in any hunter looking to take down a powerful example of nature’s beauty. Hunters looking to collect and add this trophy to their repertoire will take notice and seek out their unique tuxedo markings. With options between archery and rifle, bear hunting will without a doubt get any hunter’s blood pumping. Moose here have often been labelled Kings of the Boreal Forest with good reason, these regal creatures are an honor to cull and their sheer stance in itself is already a sublime display of power and awe. It's population continues to grow as it remains a Canadian staple. Wildlife royalty can also be found in New Brunswick’s rivers, the salmon thrives in its famous Restigouche and Miramichi Rivets. But if that's not reason enough for a trip, the state also has two rivers listed on the top ten Atlantic salmon fishing destinations in the world. Trout and bass are also found by the bucket load, the lake trout has been a local for over 10,000 years and it's specimens have evolves in to strong hefty catches. Largemouth bass, shark, white perch and many more are packed in New Brunswick’s rivers and lakes, salt water and fresh water.

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