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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Nova scotia: canada


Hunting and fishing trips in Nova Scotia: Canada: known for black bear hunting of the highest quality and world famous giant bluefin tuna

Black bear hunting is by far the most respected and sought after hunting in Nova Scotia. It's high population levels are increasing every year which means so are the chances of catching a massive bear weighing a solid 200-500lbs. Whitetail deer also reach outstanding sizes ranging in scores between 120s and 130s, which are also included in multiple Boone and Crockett each year. For anglers, opportunities run high as well except the focus lies on brown and speckled and brown trout where the largest can reach up to 5lbs. Accompanied with almost 8,000 km of coastline and 6,800 lakes and rivers, there are hundreds of opportunities for anglers of all levels to excel. During the warmer months, the tepid waters attack smallmouth bass, yellow perch, and mackerel. As for winter, there's fantastic fishing for Atlantic salmon which never disappoints. In terms of prize winning sizes, the giant bluefin tuna is a guaranteed mind blower reaching over 1,000lbs. Continuously rated among the top ten big game fishing destinations for giant bluefin tuna by Sport Fishing Magazine.

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