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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Nunavut: canada

Hunting and fishing trips in Nunavut: Canada: known for hunting for polar bear and fishing massive arctic pike and char

Sometimes unheard of, Nunavut may be tightly hidden in the Canadian wild, but its absolutely overwhelmed with hunting and big prized animals. Hunting can take you to the extreme hunting of polar bears or the hundreds of herds of muskoxen, or perhaps even the flourishing wolf population. Nunavut has it all in quantities galore but requires hard earned tracking skill across the wild savannah of untouched nature. The polar bear is volatile, aggressive, and highly intelligent, this creature is a a true feat if hunted successfully. Key destinations for a successful hunt include Arviat, Kugaaruk, Grise Fiord and many more. As a widely forgotten destination, Nunavut reaps its unknown treasure by providing fantastic hunting, including pioneering modern day hunting for Atlantic walrus. It's uncharted lands are filled with deserved regions that bloom with life, unspoiled waters hold hidden school of fish that have never been fished before. Lake trout so large you can't heave it without straining a muscle, cast on an arctic river, troll through the cold waters of Hudson Bay or jig through the ice blocks. The continuous hours of daylight have tricked pike and arctic grayling into developing fast to trophy sizes. Nunavut offers a superb selection of fishing ranging from lake trout to Arctic char, keeping any angler entertained for unlimited time.

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