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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Ontario: canada

Hunting and fishing trips in Ontario: Canada: known for stalking and tracking black bear, record sizes muskies

Whether you face the wild sharpness of the North, or the versatile terrain of the South, Ontario has a plethora of environments for an equally diverse wildlife. A fine example of excellent breeding and prosperity is the black bear, Ontario is happily home to one of the largest populations of black bear in the whole of North America. The challenging hunt requires a heavy load of patience, perseverence and technique. From calling to stalking, hunting the black bear is tactical. Tracking through irregular terrain and keeping your presence unknown can been a long wait, but the reward is beyond words and incredibly exhilarating. Ontario is without a doubt packed with fishing opportunities, starting at Lac Seul and Minnitaki Lake, anglers can bask under the sun whilst casting for smallmouth bass, walleye, lake trout and Northern pile. During the colder months, trolling takes action with both trout and bass standing as the most popular catches. Yet Ontario’s gem is certainly the muskellunge where the record is holding in at 65lbs. Luxury and exceptional resorts are dotted around the Ontario lakes, adding a bonus accommodation comfort of lush quality.

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