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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Saskatchewan: canadtakp

Hunting and fishing trips in Saskatchewan: Canadtakp: known for hunting and Fishing in Saskatchewan. Best known for: Hundreds of whitetail deer and massive pike ice fishing

Saskatchewan is quite simply the designated hot spot for whitetail deer. Roaming wild and free, they cover and fill locations across the province. With so many herds, a strong genetic line keeps generation strong bucks. Multiple world records are constantly broken here and many hunters consider Saskatchewan a land of opportunity at the same result. For hunters that prefer tree stands, the forest borders are perfect whilst those that prefer stalking are better off on the central parkland. Saskatchewan is superbly equipped with ideal conditions for fishing. Namely, Mountain Lake is an iconic destination world famous for its giant catches. With so many species, anglers can pick and chose what techniques they wish to use, from live bait rigging and jigging for walleye, to trolling crankbaits for like and of course excellent fly fishing. Ice fishing during the winter months at the break of first ice in mid-December is surreal with the stunning backdrop of the Chain Lakes. Pike and perch are always great catches with pike especially reaching over 20lbs and of course a guaranteed fresh fish for the closing of the day.

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