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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Albania

Hunting and fishing trips in Albania: known for angling for carp on the largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula

Albania ties together nicely it's rustic yet ancient culture with the bordering spread of land, dotted shrubbery across valleys of soft slopes and ridges. Coasting the Adriatic Sea, fish are scattered right until the lip of the coastline, ideal conditions for an easy-going trip classified by the provincial simplicity of sitting on a crooked chair, lounging on the surprisingly warm beach with your line cast right ahead of you.

Although basic, the charm lies precisely in this characteristic landing you with multiple small fish within minutes. For those seeking higher intensity, further inland in the Valbona region are rivers packed with graylings and huchens, but the most impressive angling comes from Lake Skadarsko.

The lake brings it reputation from its greatness titled the largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula. Its deep waters concealing schools of carp and bleak, forming dark moving shadows. Albania will welcome you warmly with clear cut cast and baiting with excellent results.

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