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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Algeria

Hunting and fishing trips in Algeria: known for driven quail shoots and falconry, diversive deep sea fishing for bluefin tuna

Algeria borders the Mediterranean Sea on the northern tip of Africa. A mountenous region it is a respected destination for hunting and has a fantastic array of species open and mostly found around its mountains that crumble into the soft scenery of the Sahara.

The quail that would otherwise be camouflaged in the tones of browns and beiges is a great practice for driven shoots. Theor numbers defeat their defence and immediately rustle from their hiding keeping hunters alert and engaged throughout the shoot. In the Djelfas area where the sun burns bright, falconry is widely practiced and excelled at. A falcon spearing onto a running hare is a sight to behold and one of nature’s unique displays of animal instinct.

Boar hunting, commonly with beaters, can also be intertwined in your day. Eager and explosive, hunting charging wild boars is exciting and certain adrenaline rush. The Mediterranean Sea for the curious anglers is nothing short than impeccable quality matched with abundance. Fish pass here like a marine highway and the waters already provide ideal live bait for luring or trolling. These inviting blue waters aren't only a fantastic swim with a stunning golden coast, but carry species like the swordfish, bluefin tuna, black skipjac and Atlantic bonito for an action filled fishing day out.

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