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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Andorra

Hunting and fishing trips in Andorra: known for long range chamois and glacial lake fishing for trout

Although flanked by mountains bordering France and Spain, Andorra has big horned chamois hidden all around its rocky surface, making it a winter wonderland destination for chamois rifle hunting. Andorra is a petite country tucked in the Pyrenees, shielded by alpine mountains. Within these jagged ridges, the stalking of the chamois across the distance of the ravines is challenging to any hunter, but utterly rewarding.

It is hard to imagine how such a mountain territory can host game species such as wild boar or deer, but these flourish in the hidden valleys. Fishing in the high mountains brings a new type of appeal, and a definite exciting chill with over 60 hidden lakes. These fishing havens of crystal clear lakes are above 2,000m and require a persistent, arduous and beautiful hike to reach.

The scenery can’t be ignored and getting there is part of the beauty. Due to the towering rock walls, Roll or Steeple casting for trout is best for the lakes. The streams that dribble down the mountains require tongue biting for higher success. End your day with spanish tapas on the balcony of a wooden lodge, overlooking the Pyrenees in all its grandness.

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