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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Angola

Hunting and fishing trips in Angola: known for huge numbers of trophy dorado and dramatic scenery

Angola has a rougher and more dramatic scenery than its neighbours, it's shaped with cliffs that drop into golden beaches along the shore, steamy forests of humid density and mountains that sharpen the horizon. Along the way are Atlantic beaches dotted on the coast and small towns picturesque with Portuguese cultured scattered across the lands.

But most importantly, a land of such dramatism can only have equally impressive fishing, and it does. Central Angola is home to some of the best tarpon rivers in the world, the Kwanza River is an exceptional example of this, barely containing such masses of strong fish makes the River unmissable for any angler that prides on seeking the best quality fishing with includes snapping barracuda, cubera snapper and jack crevalle.

Where the river meets the ocean waters, a mess of crossing currents and shades of blue provides the perfect environment for dorados to thrive where daily takes can reach up to absurd numbers with days reaching over 60 catches. Follow the currents and reach the ocean where marlin, sailfish, wahoo and yellowfin tuna rule the waters. Carrying on this angling paradise, Southern Angola is lively with bronze whaler sharks, Garrick and shad. Angola is grantedly welcoming and warm with its people, but even more so with its fishing.

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