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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Australia

Hunting and fishing trips in Australia: known for hog and Sambar deer, rabbits, kangaroo's, Big game fishing for Black Marlin, Barramundi, and fly fishing.

Home to pure wilderness and a spectrum of animals alien to the rest of the world, Australia hosts a spectacular scenery for shooting and fishing. On the boundless savannah, grazing the grasslands are fidgety hog deer to one of the largest cervids on the planet, the sambar deer, which are only a few of the fine selection of six species of deer imported from neighbouring lands. Australia also combines a multitude of the classic rabbit ground hunt with the exotic outback experience of mid-night kangaroo culling or the stalking of hefty water buffalo which pulls on the hunter's skillset.

One of Australia’s prime possessions is the Great Barrier Reef, a natural wonderland for endangered fish but also a treacherous yet luscious oasis of 1000 lbs black marlin or 44kg prime specimen of barramundi found just off the creek. Australia is spoiled for choice with sports fishing, fly fishing and Cairns is one of the top destinations on the planet for heavy-tackle game fishing. Known as the Marlin Mecca, the Great Barrier Reef is proven to be a fisherman’s ultimate haven. The spectrum of fish roaming these waters is beyond words and half the fun is discovering what bites the bait.

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