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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Austria

Hunting and fishing trips in Austria: known for red deer, Ibex, Mouflon and chamois stalking, Fly fishing for Brown and Rainbow Trout and the Danube Salmon.

In a classic european style, Austria brings tradition to new levels with hunting. All year round, be it sun or snow, the hunting grounds are effervescent with fauna. The crunch of your footsteps on the snow twitch the ears of nearby wild boar, but further up the peaks, through the cracks of faraway trees, among red red deer and chamois, mouflon stand proud, the ringlets on their masts tightening the curl with age.

Bullets spear and stretch through the silence of the hills, a steady and patient hand on the rifle. You can choose between alpine ibex at up to 400m, bringing tactics and preciseness into play, or blackcock where timing is essential and every step is carefully managed and can trigger the bird to flee.

Finish your day with the honorable music of the hunting horns, reminding us of the beauty of the shoot, a truly memorable tradition in Austria. Melted ice rushes down from the alps, and after a day of trekking through the sublime mountains, amidst a valley of pines, the river opens. Here, brown trout and rainbow trout are most popular. If you’re up for a challenge, the danube salmon is rewarding to patience and perseverance in selected locations of the Ybbs River.

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