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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Azerbaijan

Hunting and fishing trips in Azerbaijan: known for tenacious Daghestan tur stalking and remote pike-perch fishing

Azerbaijan is known for providing what is considered one of the hardest and most demanding mountain hunts, the exceptional hunt for Daghestan tur. The mountains consist of 60% of the country, in steep and rugged mountains provide the perfect habitat for the wandering wildlife, a great melting pot of species migrated from the Mediterranean, Central Asia, and Iran. Although Marco Polo and ibex are also common and of excellent quality, the true king of the hill remains the Daghestan tur.

They are known for their unusual smooth horns, they never stop growing, reaching sizes of over 90 cm in truly grandiose trophies. This hunt, pursued mostly by horseback and foot on extreme weather and geographical conditions, is a true feat for any huntsman. Coasted by the Caspian Sea, fishing is not forgotten with the valued sturgeon or bream, pike-perch and shemaya in the Mingechavir.

The cold airs will brush your shoulders, but the beauty of fishing is never lost in Azerbaijan, a true reflection of wilderness and a sport dating to the beginning of mankind. The Sarysu Lake surrounded by remote forest and quiet waters will perfect your fishing for roach and carp. In a contrasting landscape of plain hills in worn shades of brown, the Araz River runs smoothly around the mountains, a fantastic location for hook-fishing for kutum, sazan, pike and tench among so many others. The jarring beauty of Azerbaijan’s wilderness explains the strong growth of land and water animals.

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