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Hunting, shooting for Baboon

Stalking, Bowhunting, Safari

A deep, tranquil pool of water calmly radiates in the hot African sunlight. Suddenly, an enormous Baboon leaps down from a branch on a tree 300 meters away from the hunters; they wait and follow his movements.

The underbrush hums with life. Suddenly there is a shuffle, piercing sounds from a shrieking Baboon, then the Baboons disappear into the blurred horizon.

Baboons are weary, sharp, and not interested in any 'monkey games'; always being quicker to retreat than expected.

Depending on their whereabouts, Baboons can be very tricky game to pursue. If they have the smallest scent of something suspicious, a hunting party on foot is an ambitious trek (to say the least). Besides their cunning eyesight, their movements are quick and unpredictable.

Hunters can stalk Baboons up to a point, but many shots will be fairly far range. Both bow and rifle, with a perfect, one-time shot, can nail a trophy baboon.

It is a very visual hunt, scanning high and low for baboons on the move. They find shelter between trees, on ground below and also wrung up in the branches.

With intangible views and a cunning game, Baboon hunts are an unbeatable trophy game.

Basic Info

Scientific name: papio

Size: 50 – 120 cm

Weight: 14 – 40 kg

Lifespan: 45 years

Methods: Bow hunting, Hunting from a blind, Safari, Stalking

Continent(s): Africa, Middle East