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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Belarus

Hunting and fishing trips in Belarus: known for european Bison hide and stalking, spinning for huge pike and catfish

Belarus is often forgotten in the heart of Eastern Europe, this leaves all of the country's opulent wildlife open to those that recognise this gem. The swamps, fields and pine forests are completely natural with a variety of game that allows the opportunity for wild boar drives, to european bison stalking and mid-winter wolf driven hunts.

The European bison is a special attraction, this creature is distinguished for its grandiosity and makes a thrilling stalk and hide. Belarus also brags the ability of providing top quality bird shooting; the wood-grouse jittering between the trees by dawn or the cackling black grouse favourable by shotgun from a blind.
Fortunately, fishing in Belarus is endlessly inviting as there is no need for a licence for standard fishing, this means you can cast your bait where your heart desires and come home with 5kg pikes or even a 2 metre catfish.

The thousands of lakes are brimming with fish, visible straight through the clear waters, you can even have spearfishing in the water reservoirs. A large range of fish nets from tench, to roach, pike and perch in key locations like the Vitebsk region.

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