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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Benin

Hunting and fishing trips in Benin: known for stalking for western roan antelope and savannah buffalo

Benin is one of the truly untouched African countries left with its wildlife still booming. In its prickly and bushed savannah there are roan antelopes and buffaloes for days, each and every one of prime trophy value. The hunt is only pursued by tracking making it challenging, enticing and calculated. The western roan antelope is labelled one of the most beautiful in West Africa and together with the west African savannah buffalo they create a fantastic hunting combo.

Most hunting is done on the northern sphere of Benin, where there is also one of the top-wanted hunts worldwide, the lion hunting. This rare and fascinating hunt is strictly stalking and could take a few days of planning which lead up to a final breath and a final shot which defines all your efforts. The lions in Benin are among the largest and their manes wreathe their neck in splendor.

The woodlands are broken by savannahs and fed by the shadowing rivers, the population of fish species doubles on the mass of water with trout and some rainbow trout. But Benin’s purity in nature is best observed at The Parc National de la Pendjari, known as one of the best parks in West Africa. It is a haven for African wildlife with the rare Northwest African cheetah in its full splendor, the endangered and playful West African dog or the African leopard.

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