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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Bolivia

Hunting and fishing trips in Bolivia: known for record setting peacock bass and ear dove of colossal figures

In typical South American style, birds here in Bolivia don’t wander sporadically, they swarm and flock in the tens of millions each season. Bolivia is proud to compete side by side with Argentina as a massively sought after destination for hunters and anglers alike. With comfortable temperature all year round, the prevalent ear dove soares over acres of sunflowers and soybean.

Find lodging deep inside the bolivian amazon jungle and switch between fruitful fishing or electrifying shooting. Get lost in the Amazon Basin with endless trails of waterwork, roam deeper into the Beni rainforest, a tropical wonder traced and laced with rivers. These waters together form the home of the largest concentration of peacock bass on earth. With a multitude of options from lagoon to river fishing, spin casting to fly fishing, these waters host hard-fighting jungle species. Record-beating 50-100 peacock bass a day at 3-11lbs leaves no fisherman empty handed.The array of fish doesn’t stop at peacock with payara galore and monster tiger catfish. What better compliment to end a rewarding day than a succulent grilled meat churrasco in the habitat of feral animals and wild rivers.

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