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Fishing for Bonito

Spinning, Fly fishing, Game fishing, Salt water fishing, Spearfishing

Bonito is an excellent angling fish. Caught on the fly, with a spinning rod, trolling, with a boat, kayak or from shore, it is a perfect, sporty fish that puts up a fight even as you handle him and the hook.

Relative to the mackerel and tuna species, bonito can be found throughout many waters across the world, each subspecies worth chasing.

They are cruisers, coming too and from shorelines in quick, stealthy packs. Sighting bonito is possible and following the movements and patterns of shifting, searching bonito is a great skill to practice.

Bonito are an ocean and sea predator that feeds on baitfish in lower water columns not too far from shore. Look for inlets, water movement and jetties close to shore to cast to their cruising lane and the strike zone.

Bonito can be casted to with bait, lures, or plugs; basically anything that looks like a little baitfish the bonito can get their mouths on.

Anything with a bit of shiny flash usually does the trick.

Basic Info

Varieties: Atlantic Bonito, Pacific Bonito, Conger Bonito

Scientific name: Sardino

Size: 75 cm

Weight: 5 – 6 kg

Lifespan: 5 years

Methods: Spinning, Fly fishing, Game fishing, Salt water fishing, Spearfishing

Continent(s): Pacific and Atlantic