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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Botswana

Hunting and fishing trips in Botswana: known for the African Tigerish in the Okavango delta, Big mammals.

In the golden plains flat across the horizon, the steps of predators shift from the claws of big cats to the feet of humans. Botswana has recently restricted its hunting territories (There is a Public Trophy Hunting Ban put in place by the government since 2014), but that doesn’t stop its concentration of private land from improving immensely to embrace this change.

Exoticism and big mammals does not begin to describe the opportunities available here with over 10 species to pick from. Not only can you explore the trickling pressures and precision of archery, but also venture into double-barrel rifles. Beware, on a safari hunt, a missed shot on heavy-weight animals like the boisterous cape buffalo, can be life-threatening. Trace, track and fire. On the other hand, crossing the fields, stalking with soft footfall and slow movements, the more elegant impala provides a more comfortable shoot. During the summer months, fishing reaches its peak as they group in masses in the main channels and lagoons with the dry season. The Okavango system is home to over 80 types of fish. Hoard your boat, sharpen your needle, and let your fly sink quickly. In the hot african air, under the warm water, the african tigerfish is curious and will bite anything that moves.

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