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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Brazil

Hunting and fishing trips in Brazil: known for extraordinary scenery across the Amazon River with endless species of freshwater fish and the centre of the best peacock bass fishing in the world.

Brazil will leave anyone speechless, nature is expressed here with endless open spaces of valleys, branched with veins of the Amazon river, and imposing with its jungle forests, home to not only splendid animals but also native tribes. Many of its animal species are endangered, and Brazil is keen on maintaining its fauna in flourishing conditions. Traveling to Brazil is worth is even if only to be gobsmacked by its beauty.

The mystical Amazon River is its main attraction, it is also the heart of the best peacock bass fishing in the world. They come in tremendously huge sizes matching its spawning location. Along the Amazon and Pantanal, you’ll also encounter the more vivacious piranha, aim for a school of them and you’ll fish out hundreds, but watch your fingers, their feisty natures makes them fascinating to fish but also dangerous. If you’re looking for more primitive but exciting fishing, try spear fishing for cubera snapper for example.

Diving into the deep, laser focusing on a target and hurling a spear at a fish is definitely high up on the adrenaline scale. Home to one-fifth of the world's freshwater, the Amazon is still unmissable, from bait spinning for tropical fish to off the coast deep sea tuna and marlin fishing, the opportunities are endless and wrapped by spectacular scenery.

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