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Hunting, shooting for Buffalo


Carp fishing, Spinning, Fly fishing, Fresh water fishing, Spearfishing

What a hit! A bigmouth buffalo smacks the lure with such a ferociousness you would think you just hooked a sturgeon.

They come as a surprise to most anglers, just the kind of fun you would expect going fishing. Plus, no matter what the locals might try to tell you, black or bigmouth buffalo fish are definitely not carp.

The most rare, the black buffalo is a shocking blue colour during spawning season giving it the nickname, 'the blue rooter'.

Black and smallmouth buffalo primarily feed from the ground; a bottom sucker very difficult to attract with a lure. Even harder to lure with a hook is the bigmouth, filtering microorganisms through robust gill systems in the mid water columns.

Though their diet is full of teeny, tiny, microscopic nutrients, they grow the largest of all the buffalo fish species, tipping the scales over 29 kilograms. Sometimes fishing for catfish or carp you might surprise yourself with a big buffalo but productive bait for this picky species includes corn, sweet dry cereal mixes and different jigs on a spinning rod.

Hook into one throughout many North American fisheries and you will be hooked on challenging buffalo fishing!

Basic Info

Varieties: Black Buffalo, Bigmouth Buffalo

Scientific name: Ictiobus

Size: 0.5 - 1.2 m

Weight: 4.5 - 25 kg

Lifespan: 20 years

Methods: Carp fishing, Spinning, Fly fishing, Fresh water fishing, Spearfishing

Continent(s): North America