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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Bulgaria

Hunting and fishing trips in Bulgaria: known for stalking for red deer and best wild boar trophy hunting, anglers delight with river wild trout and strong catfish.

Bulgaria has a long history with exceptional hunting, in its ever growing woodlands, from jackals to the more common red deer, stalking is definitely the finest choice of hunting. Red stags have evolved here to carry trophies over 10kg heavy, combined with such a strong population, these regal animals are to watch out for. Off of the high seat, circling around you, herds of wild boar will scamper between the trees, giving you a few seconds to detect, identify and shoot.

This adrenaline is cherry-topped by the superb weight and tusks which can reach more than 22cm. Bulgaria has territories aimed and perfected for each hunting style whether this is for roebuck and red stag, or wild boar and brown bear, it leaves you spoiled for choice. The diversity of fishing in Bulgaria means that it's possible all year round.

In warm Mediterranean summers or crumbly snowfall winters, the freshwater lakes will continue to choke on wild trout, pike, and carp. Rivers stringing and crossing the country carry perch, chub, and barbel, which walks hand-in-hand with hectic yet riveting catfish which reach proud sizes Anglers and hunters will find a balance between land hunting with wild boar rifle shooting and hook and reeling catfish.

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