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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Burkina faso

Hunting and fishing trips in Burkina Faso: known for lion stalks across the savannah and rifle hunting roan antelope

In West Africa, Burkina Faso has endless miles of savannah dusted in golden sands with thin forests of shea trees. It is one of the most populated countries in West Africa, providing a lavish selection of big game species such as savannah buffalo, sing sing waterbuck and even roan antelope and lion. Burkina is the specialist in stalking hunts, perfecting the art of detection and focus.

The lion is particularly special, without bait unlike Eastern and Southern Africa, the stalking takes new challenges and is charged with growing adrenaline as you get closer to the wild lion, the main predator of these lands. Burkina Faso is so remarkably loaded with species that it becomes hard to focus on just one.

The roan antelope has herds upon herds trotting in the distance, their tough bodies mean the shot needs to be cleaner and of a higher caliber. The harnessed bushbuck needs a more attentive eye, it is less robust and more delicate in its stance with a trophy that is definitely eye catching with its maroon coat speckled white. Burkina Faso adapts and excels in rifle shooting from exhilarating lion stalks to calculated buffalo shots.

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