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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Cambodia

Hunting and fishing trips in Cambodia: known for wild jungle cats and giant mekong catfish

Cambodia is primarily untouched by man, and its nature thrives for it.

It is one of the only place in the world where its rainforests reach the foot of the sea.

This unexplored terrain has only just recently opened its doors to hunting after a 55-year closure.

In the deep jungle, your hunting ventures will take you stalking a menacing leopard or even the Himalayan black bear.

Cambodia has long been a heavenly destination for those seeking nature in its purest state, this means its wildlife is bountiful and reflected on the large populations of Asian water buffalo, sambar and muntjac deer for those more keen on rifle shoots.

The humid temperatures and sultry forests are packed with wild animals, including jungle cats and monkey.

The variation of game species will render you speechless.

This abundant and lavish vegetation is feed by Cambodia’s tropical weather, which through the years has burst into large rivers.

These large rivers have some of the largest freshwater fish, like the Mekong catfish.

Although rare, if you’re lucky enough to tackle one of these, you’ll be looking at over 600 lbs of fish, larger than any man.

Monstrous catfish are canon to Cambodia, where water would be sprinkled on them for good luck.

In these warm waters head over to the sea for an authentic off the canoe fishing experience for grouper and barracuda.

Cambodia is rural, rustic and wild, which only adds to its charm whilst stalking exotic species of monkey or hoarding a rare catfish.

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