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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Cameroon

Hunting and fishing trips in Cameroon: known for tracking the revered Lord Derby Eland and fishing the giant Nile perch

Known as Africa in miniature, the Cameroonian the landscape diversity ties tropical rainforests in the South, with the savannah and woodlands to the North. Each area with its own field of choice, the Lord Derby Eland is definitely the most extraordinary and celebrated. In the North, the vegetation tightens and densifies, limiting visuals and making hunting more challenging.

This does not stop the woodlands from hosting an extensive array of birds and animals like the giant forest hog and forest sitatunga, or the North Western buffalo. These are more secretive and require a skilled crew of pygmy trackers with their dogs. On the other hand, the barren lands of the savannah are home to western hartebeest and the boho reedbuck. Cameroonian hunting relies heavily on stalking or tracking on foot which will take you around exotic luscious landscapes.

The rolling waters of rivers coil around these lands bordered by heavy shrubbery. These large river systems in the North are home to hefty tiger fish all the way to Nile perch.Packing a rod and travelling around Cameroon's tropical forgotten lands is part of the charm. Out in the open waters, casting for heavy dorado off the boat with a tropical and utterly primitive surrounding will remind you of the essentials of fishing for passion.

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