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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Congo


Hunting and fishing trips in Congo: known for stalking Bongo in the second largest rainforest in the world, fishing for monstrous Goliath tigerfish

Congo brings together the mesmerising South African rainforest dripping with humidity and blossoming with life with the gushing Congo River, the perfect environment for hundreds and thousands of bird, fish and flora species. Just around the Congo Basin, you're entrapped in utter wilderness where the yearned for bongo and forest buffalo reside in incredible volume.

The herds are so frequent their tracks multiply across the roads and the stalk carries a few hundred meters into the rainforest until the characterising vertical stripes of the bongo twitch ahead amongst the vegetation. Between the start of the stalk to the end, forest buffalos will cross the path and duiker will hustle the leaves in incredible proximity.

Congo was closed for hunting for many years which partly contributes to its flourishing wildlife and almost naïveté of its creatures.Congo’s rivers are exploding with tiger fish, among them the Goliath tigerfish. A fish of tenebrous and heavy fighting behaviour, a genuine challenge to anglers of even the highest level. But the Goliath tigerfish does share its high populations with the rest of Congo's wildlife and as such the possibilities to capture this ferocious specimen are endless. It can reach outstanding weights of 80-120 kg and it's incredibly enticing to fish, you can troll for it, live and dead bait for it, and finally you can try fly fishing for it if you're looking for a veteran’s catch.

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