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Hunting, shooting for Coot

High-volume bird shooting, Wildfowling

Dense, immense wetlands are home to the sleek black bodied coot, well known as a high-volume shooting species of waterfowl.

Coots are coined with a jewel-like white, or colored mark known as a frontal shield on their forehead, followed by small dark or reddish eyes and strong, medium-sized bills.

Great for beginner shooters and commonly hunted for in North America, they are weak fliers, producing more of a jump response when attacked or threatened. Where you see one coot, you will see many as they often group together for protection when not in mating season. Coot do respond to coot calls but are also easy to spot and approach either alone or with a retrieving dog. With their unique feet, not fully webbed, not completely separated either, they are most comfortable in marshy water full of underwater vegetation.

Although they are omnivores, water vegetation is their main source of food. In many areas, hunting for coot can be a very busy day, as bagging limits are high and the population density always in your favor. Either by boat or by foot, be ready for a wet day out hunting these fun game birds!

Basic Info

Scientific name: Fulica asta

Size: length: 40 – 43 cm, wingspan: 58.4 – 63.5 cm

Weight: male 900 g, female 770 g 

Lifespan: 5 years

Methods: High volume shooting, Hunting from a blind, Wildfowling, Wing shooting

Countries: South America, North America, Europe, Asia, Australia