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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Croatia

Hunting and fishing trips in Croatia: known for award winning chamois, greater amberjack trolling and vivacious marine life.

The Croatian coast line brushes up nicely to its lowlands but is by no means limiting to its fauna, hosting all big game species of europe. The balkan chamois on the other hand, holds the crown above its neighbouring species, just recently, the third biggest chamois trophy in the world was harvested here in Croatia.

The longitudes of this style of observation and stealth-based shoot range 220-330 meters and are depicted in a verdant wilderness with the sea as back-drop. The brown bear here is not endangered, giving hunters a broader allowance to stalk these matrons of the woods, an opportunity unlike many. Along the Adriatic coast, the sea is humming with life, venture to the open sea and tackle the sophisticated greater amberjack by trickling the waters with slow trolling.

If you’re driven by the ferocity and challenge of big game, go drifting for big game like swordfish whose population is increasingly growing. End of May, the blue and thresher shark are open game and you’ll feel a tug at your body like no other. Combine the thrill of the hunt with the exploration of Croatia’s fantastic and luxurious marine life by bathing and snorkeling its waters.

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