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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Cyprus


Hunting and fishing trips in Cyprus: known for trolling for snapper and woodpigeon drives in graceful mediterranean scenery

History transcends itself in Cyprus, it is in every step you take and every horizon you seek. This applies to hunting, reflected it its ancient mosaics and every village native you encounter presently. Birds are the most popular game of choice with woodpigeon and turtle doves among the most harvested along with partridge and hares. Days are counted here for shooting and range between Wednesdays and Sundays, leaving you to explore and trek it’s warm trails coasting the summer blues of the ocean.

There are over 20 reservoirs in this mediterranean destination spilling with more than 15 species of freshwater fish such as roach, trout and carp. In 1989, cyprus set the record at 177 carp on the angling world five hour match. Fishing here is best off the rocks or on its carved sea caves of cyan transparency.

Trolling for snapper and dorado is also a choice, out in the open water under the warmness of the sunlight. There is also an outstanding tuna season where tune legions the offshores in deep emerald waters, coming in sizes 10 lb to 45 lb.

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