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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Czech republic

Hunting and fishing trips in Czech Republic: known for trophy quality mouflon, sika deer stalking and wild fly-fishing locations.

Czech Republic isn’t the only Eastern European treasure of culture, it also has beautiful nature sceneries of unimaginable value. Picturesque towns, part of the Unesco World Heritage, are encompassed by flourishing forests. Introduced from Corsica around 1868, high on its mountainous regions, lies the mouflon.

Natural to this home, this animal consistently provides the largest trophies on earth, 7 out of 10 of the largest trophies worldwide originate from here. A parade of cervids such as roe, sika and fallow deer are also running wild in big numbers. The successful shoot ends with the tradition of a pine tree branch, placed on the game’s mouth, a symbol of man becoming with nature.

Feathered game is well composed and collected with pheasant, goose and turkey where 600-700 day birds with 10 guns is almost norm. For anglers, the peace of casting a line is not forgotten with species of carp, pike, tench and catfish multiplying endlessly in places like the town of Třeboň. Czech Republic welcomes anglers and adventure seeks by maintaining its virgin terrains and uncharted waters open and easily accessible, the country is eager to promote fishing with fish-breeding programs.The creeks and rushing streams provide flexible fly fishing conditions in stunning locations.

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