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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Denmark

Hunting and fishing trips in Denmark: known for exquisite mallards, traditional driven pheasants, Akvavit Schnapps and oysters

Denmark boasts of vast landscapes coasting the brisk Baltic Sea.

With an early rise, lunge your shotgun over your shoulder and tread the lands where Vikings gathered their wild meat.

Birds are their pride, and the quality here can’t be questioned.

There are exquisite Danish estates for mallards, switched between the abundance of pheasants which can be seen sprinting across the fields of green.

Here, social affairs are cheered over a single shot of Akvavit Schnapps, heating your throat as you wait for the next drive.

The birds soar over your head, and for a moment, gun shots leave a trail of feathers and birds dropping behind you with drives ranging on 200 or more birds.

Denmark is well equipped with a variety of islands and environments, adding to the wide selection of shooting levels, from low birds rustling across the fields, to high birds gliding quickly over tree tops.

Sail between these scandinavian islands and target the European hot spots for roach fishing or a more challenging double-figure bream on the lakes of Silkeborg.

Unbeknown to most, Denmark boasts championing cuisine, so why not finish your day with world-acclaimed Limfjord oysters or smoked wild venison.

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